3 Tips When Looking To Sell Used Farm Equipment

23 January 2020
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Farm machinery such as tractors, harrows and ploughs are indispensable because they get the job done with ease, enabling farmers to get the most bang out of their buck. However, there comes a time when a farmer will opt to put used farm equipment on the market. For example, selling farm machinery is necessary to fund a particular farm project or to get rid of aging items. Also, a farmer might want to upgrade to the latest big equipment with advanced technology. Here are some tips when looking to sell used farm equipment.

Get All Documentation

Availing all the documentation for the machinery you intend to sell is a good starting point to convince buyers that you do not have anything to hide. Documents such as owner's manuals, repair records and ownership records can go a long way in putting the minds of prospective buyers at ease. For instance, when selling your used farm equipment at an auction, buyers will not have any other recourse after buying the machinery since items are often sold as-is. Therefore, providing all the valid documentation can help sellers fetch the best price for used farm machinery.

Sell at the Right Price

Knowing how to price your used equipment is the best way to sell your machinery faster without leaving money on the table. If you price the equipment very low, you will end up selling it quickly, but the chances are that you will not get the real market value. On the other hand, when the price of the used farm equipment is very high, it will take a while to find the right buyer. It is necessary to get a valuer to determine the right selling price for the equipment based on market conditions. There are several evaluator tools on different websites that collect data using different indicators and variables to aid you to make an informed choice. Bear in mind that most buyers would want to haggle; hence, the need to raise the asking price by a small margin.

Fix Your Equipment Before Sell

The running condition of used farm machinery is just as important as documentation when planning to sell. Astute buyers will quickly discount your equipment when they discover glaring imperfections. A simple maintenance regimen that takes care of simple fixes such as tyres, spark plugs and onboard electronics can get your equipment sold as soon as possible. Consider upgrading some items on the equipment to raise the asking price. Ideally, used equipment that is in good shape will attract more buyers compared to rundown machinery.