5 Vital Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Right Cement Render Supplier

23 January 2020
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Cement renders are conventional materials used in construction projects. No matter the type of project you are working on, you'll need to find the right render supplier. Whether it's residential or commercial construction, using the right cement render makes a huge difference, and your choice will make or break the final project. 

Fortunately, we have listed a few tips to assist you in making an informed decision when choosing the right cement render supplier. Ensure you find answers to the following questions to choose your supplier wisely:

1. Do Their Goals Align With Yours?

First, ensure you read their mission and vision statements on their websites and determine whether their goals and values align with yours. This is crucial since the supplier needs to be an exceptional fit to establish a unique partnership. Any differing goals and values cause unnecessary conflicts in the course of your project. An excellent cement render supplier must believe in high-quality materials, sustainable work ethics and timely delivery.  

2. Are They Experienced?

Determine the level of experience the cement render supplier has in the industry. Do not just look at the number of years they have been in the industry but also other contractors and construction firms they work with. An experienced supplier has the right expertise in the market. Therefore, don't forget to inquire about their experience and partnerships with professional companies. 

3. Are They Flexible Enough?

Indeed, flexibility is an unquestionable quality to consider during your constriction project. Things are not always as per the set schedule, and thus, your supplier must adapt to any arising changes. An excellent supplier will forever remain flexible, adapt to changing timelines and manage to adjust delivery dates with ease. Furthermore, constant communication with your cement render supplier is critical in helping them note any possible delays. 

4. What's the Quality of Products They Supply?

When selecting a potential cement render supplier, consider analysing online reviews to have a sneak preview of the quality of products they supply. Product quality has a considerable impact on the quality and success of your project. Likewise, the product type offered can be of significant value. Therefore, inquire whether the supplier provides a wide range of products for various purposes, or whether they specialise in one type of cement renders.

5. Do They Value Your Project?

Finally, determine the supplier's reputation in the construction industry. An outstanding reputation is a clear indication of the value they add to your project. Not only should they provide quality products and efficiency, but they must also offer additional services that benefit you. Thus, cement render suppliers who can add value to your construction project are vital for its success. Ensure you find answers to these questions before selecting a cement render supplier to make an informed decision. 

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