4 Signs That Your Air Compressor Needs Repairs or Replacement

15 October 2020
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Air compressors serve different purposes for different things. When the air compressor begins to show signs of damage, you need to know exactly what the problem is. In an industrial setting, you use air compressors on a regular basis, so knowing the signs will let you know when you need to make a replacement or not. Continue reading for 4 signs that your air compressors need repairs or replacement. 

Issues With the Electrical Motor and Power

The last thing you need is to have the power on your air compressors being unreliable and insufficient. If the fuses keep blowing yet your compressor is plugged into a working socket and powered on, it could be a result of electrical motor and power problems. If the compressor is connected into a power outlet or through an extension cord, the motor may be deprived of enough energy, resulting in an overheating motor. Remember that your air compressor needs to only be powered through a connection to a direct power source. 

It may also be a problem with an old motor. If your air compressor has been running on the same motor for a long time, it may be time to replace it. You should also look out for dimming compressor lights during startup. 

Air Leaks in the Air Compressor

An air leak could be a result of any number of factors. While the leaks can be sealed, if the problem persists, the air compressor might need to be replaced. Some of the symptoms include the compressor constantly leaking, the air leaking from the oil fill tube, and the air leaking from the hood. The air leaks from the hood on mostly small air compressors. 

Air Compressor Won't Start or Stop

When the air compressor doesn't start up, shut down or fails to provide a degree of air pressure while active, it may be due to several individual problems. A compressor may fail to start due to a lack of enough air pressure. If the cut in pressure isn't proportional to the amount of air pressure in the tank, the compressor may fail to start. It could also be a result of a faulty pressure release valve or a faulty pressure switch. In addition, the compressor may start but fail to generate air pressure. This may be a result of a faulty pump or a faulty gasket. 

Pressure and Flow Problems

Some of the common issues with air compressors involve pressure and flow. For instance, it may be a result of the filter media-element being obstructed. If it becomes damaged or corroded, you may need to replace it. Some of the signs of damage include the motor overheating or tripping the thermal cut. The compressor tanks may take longer to build air pressure. You may also notice no air coming from the hose or the air only coming in short bursts.

Air compressors have a wide variety of roles from plants and factories to appliances. Buy an air compressor from an experienced and licensed company to get the best quality and access to an expert to consult with. 

For more information, contact an air compressor supplier near you.