4 Signs Your Car Lift Needs Servicing

9 November 2022
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If you have a car lift installed on your property, it's essential to keep it well-maintained. Regular servicing will help to ensure that your lift is always in good working condition and can be used safely. Here are four signs that it's time to call a professional for lift services

1. The Car Lift Is Making Strange Noises

If your car lift starts making strange noises, it's definitely time to call in a professional. Grinding, squealing, and clanking sounds can all indicate that there is something wrong with the lift and it needs servicing. Don't ignore these noises as they could indicate a serious problem.

2. The Car Lift Is Not Operating Smoothly

If your car lift isn't operating as smoothly as it used to, it's another sign that something is wrong and needs to be looked at by a professional. Jerkiness, uneven movement, and unusual stopping are all red flags that should not be ignored.

3. The Car Lift Is Showing Signs of Wear and Tear

Regular wear and tear is normal for any car lift, but if you start to notice excessive wear or damage, it's a sign that the lift needs servicing. This is especially important if you are located in an area with extreme weather conditions, as extreme cold or heat can cause extra wear and tear on the components of the lift. The most common signs include:

  • Rust on the cables and pulleys
  • Cracks in the concrete foundation
  • Leaks in the hydraulic fluid system

If ignored, these problems can lead to serious safety hazards.

4. You Haven't Had the Lift Serviced in a While

Even if you can't see or hear any signs that something is malfunctioning, it is still important to have it serviced regularly. Depending on how often you use your lift, most experts recommend having it serviced on a periodic basis. This will help to keep it in good working condition and prevent any problems from developing.


If you have a car lift installed on your property, regular servicing is essential to keep it in good working condition. Watch out for strange noises, jerkiness when operating, and excessive wear and tear, and make sure you book in for annual servicing even if everything seems to be working fine. Catching problems early can save you money on major repairs down the line. For more information, contact a car lift servicing company today.