How can you improve the flow of your material?

23 June 2020
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For a lot of companies, storing bulk solids is a vital part of the manufacturing or distribution process. Often, powder or ground material is kept in large containers before being combined with other materials or moved into much smaller containers before being sold on elsewhere. While it frequently makes sense to keep the dry powder in large containers, this method of storage isn't without its problems. If you have ever worked with bulk solids in any capacity, then you will be well aware that they don't always flow well from one container to the next. Read More 

Three Guideline to Help you Pick the Best Dosing Pump

11 June 2020
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Dosing pumps come in a variety of models and specifications. It is a pipe which works by use of positive displacement. It is designed such that it gives out small amounts of liquid at a time by dosing. These pumps are used in agriculture when you want to spray plants with various chemicals, and also in industry, medicine and manufacturing. The dosing pump is small in size and draws power from either gas or electricity. Read More 

Beginner Tips for Buying a Suitable Excavator for Residential Projects

12 March 2020
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In a residential excavation project, an excavator is an indispensable workhorse that aids in digging, moving obstacles, backfilling, and even levelling the ground. Since buying an excavator is a huge investment, buyers should do their research on the different specifications, makes, and models suitable for the job. With the advancement in technology, excavators come loaded with many features that help ease tasks. This article offers tips to beginners for buying a suitable excavator for residential excavation projects. Read More 

Flow Aid Devices: Two Efficient Ways to Reduce Consumption of Compressed Air in Air Cannons

6 March 2020
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Air cannons are mechanical flow aids that use high-pressure air to break blockages in vessels. They are used in myriad industries, including metal, electricity generation, paper and cement manufacturing. The air cannons or air blasters are used to clean gas ducts and empty stagnant and bulk materials lodged in storage vessels. Air cannons are particularly used in cement factories to remove blockages and build-ups in preheater towers. They are also very useful in storage bunkers and material transfer chutes. Read More 

Top Tips for Choosing Quality Roof Waterproofing Sealants

27 February 2020
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When it rains, water tends to puddle on a flat roof, and if there is a small crack on the roof, then some water will find its way into your home before the puddle dries up. You don't experience this problem with a pitched roof because rainwater flows to the gutter system. It is for this reason that homeowners with flat roofs are advised to waterproof their roofs well. While you need to get various inputs for this project, the sealant is arguably the most important one. Read More