Protect Your Investment: Why You Need a Car Lift in Your Garage

12 May 2021
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When you own cars, you want to give them the care and attention they deserve. If you're not happy with the way you store your cars, it's time to invest in a car lift. You might think that car lifts are for commercial use only, but that's not the case. You can actually have a car lift installed for personal use. If you're not sure that a car lift is right for you, read the list provided below. Read More 

Everything You Want to Know About Industrial Duct Fans and Blowers

8 February 2021
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Industrial fans are essential for providing movement of gas and air in factories and other industrial applications. They work by stirring the air in enclosed spaces enabling you to replace contaminated air with fresh air. Usually, industrial fans come in different types to meet your specific needs. One of the popular industrial fans used today is a duct fan and blower system. This type of industrial fan system has several technical aspects that require your attention to make the most of your installation. Read More 

Is a Laser Level Essential for Your Building or Decorating Project?

18 November 2020
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Laser levels use a focused beam of light to produce a completely straight and even line. They are therefore a more advanced version of the traditional water level. Are they always the right choice, though? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a laser level. The pros The biggest advantage to laser levels is that they are extremely accurate. Water levels depend on the human eye gauging how the liquid is behaving, whereas the laser will give an exact result based on a high-intensity beam of light. Read More 

4 Signs That Your Air Compressor Needs Repairs or Replacement

15 October 2020
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Air compressors serve different purposes for different things. When the air compressor begins to show signs of damage, you need to know exactly what the problem is. In an industrial setting, you use air compressors on a regular basis, so knowing the signs will let you know when you need to make a replacement or not. Continue reading for 4 signs that your air compressors need repairs or replacement.  Issues With the Electrical Motor and Power Read More 

What to Include in an Electrical Maintenance Plan for Your Commercial Building

29 September 2020
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Developing an electrical maintenance plan is one of the best ways of protecting your building against electrical risks. If ignored, these risks can cause costly disruptions, extensive property damage and even injury to workers. This is why you need to come up with a system that allows regular maintenance to identify and mitigate potential hazards before they occur. As you create your electrical maintenance program, here are three key areas you should focus on. Read More