3 Reasons to Use Waterjet Cutting in Aluminium Fabrication

20 January 2020
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While there are a few different industrial aluminium cutting methods, using waterjets is often an effective solution. This cold-cutting technique delivers water and an abrasive at a high pressure to make precise cuts.

What are the benefits of using waterjet cutting on aluminium?

1. Flexible Material Sizes

Some cutting techniques only work to a certain material thickness. So, if the aluminium you need to cut is thicker than the limits of certain techniques, then they won't be up to the job.

Waterjet cutting is much more flexible in this regard than some other techniques such as laser cutting. Waterjetting can handle thick sheets of aluminium in most shapes, even if you're using a composite.

You can even use a waterjet to cut multiple sheets at the same time. This speeds up the cutting process, which saves you time and money.

2. A Polished Finish

Some cutting techniques don't leave a perfect finish on aluminium. For example, if a process uses heat, then the metal can suffer from distortion. The metal can change shape and may even lose some of its inherent strength if heated to a point where it undergoes molecular changes. Edges may turn hard along cut edges. You might also see some cosmetic damage to the aluminium's final finish.

While this isn't always a problem, there are times when you want perfect results. Waterjet cutting is more likely to deliver.

This is a cold cutting technique, so your aluminium won't be exposed to heat. The metal stays intact throughout the process.

Plus, if you need your aluminium pieces to fit together or to fit in as part of a different product, then you get more accurate results. You also get cleaner edges that don't harden and a better finish overall.

3. Better Internal Cutting

If you need internal cutting, then you should find a technique that delivers the right type and quality of cuts. For example, if you will cut internal connecting holes, they need to be exactly the right size and in the right place. If you're adding designs to your aluminium, they need to look precise with a smooth finish.

Not all cutting techniques deliver accurate and high-quality internal cuts 100% of the time. However, waterjet cutting is much more accurate than other techniques. You get consistent results when you need them and a high-quality finish.

For more information on why you should use a waterjet aluminium cutting solution, talk to local metal cutters.