Work Safely at Great Heights

4 February 2020
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Working at a great height can be a thrilling experience. Whether you choose to undertake a height-related project on your own or you choose to entrust it to a professional, there are several things you can do to increase the safety of your above-ground project.

This article discusses a few of these things.

Forget Ladders

Instead of hiring a ladder for an above-ground project, you should hire a scissor lift. Scissor lifts offer greater safety features than traditional-style ladders. For example, a scissor lift will allow you sufficient space on its working platform to place the items needed for the job at hand.

Ladders are not attached to a working platform; hence, they cannot offer this convenience. Another benefit of the working platform attached to a scissor lift is that it makes it more difficult for anyone using the lift to fall off of it.

This is because the working platform on these lifts is often surrounded by protective railings which one can hold on to if they lose their balance when working above the ground.

The absence of protective railings on a ladder means that there is no place to hold on to if you lose your balance. A scissor lift might be more expensive to hire than a ladder, but it is a safer option.

Avoid The Rain

It is not a good idea to undertake an above-ground project on a rainy day. The wetness increases the chances of a slip-and-fall accident. Even if you choose to hire a scissor lift, you should avoid using it on a rainy day.

Although scissor lifts are a safer option, they have a work platform that will get wet in the rain, thereby making it easy for you to slip and fall while on the platform.

Watch The Sun

Similarly, it might be a good idea to undertake an above-ground activity early in the morning before the sun is too high or in the evening when the sun is going down. When the sun is high up, direct light from it can have a glaring effect on your eyesight. This could make it very easy for you to miss a step, resulting in a minor or fatal accident, depending on the height at which you were working and the nature of the accident.

Timing your above-ground project right can have a profound impact on how safe you will be as you undertake the project.